Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

From a global perspective, we strive to contribute to our society and to improve the quality of life  through manufacturing of highest quality products with ambition and sincerity.

Management Policies

·         ●Our company shall be based on harmony and sincerity of all employees.

·         ●Our company shall let theories come to terms with practices.

·         ●Our company shall maintain Youthfulness with ever producing new ideas.

·         ●Our company shall produce values with better quality products.

·         ●Our company shall pay respect to harmony with local communities.

Our Principle

·         Prompt actions

·         Close communication

·         Working with a strong sense of responsibility

·         Candid discussions

·         Clean and orderly working environment

Our Strengths

The four strengths of F.tech lie in our research and development, production engineering, global competitiveness, and power of associates, which enable us to provide high-quality, low-cost, undercarriage parts that meet the global needs of a rapidly changing automobile industry.

Research and Development

We are deploying a new production method of staying one step ahead of client needs through a unique system of global research and development.

Production Engineering

We have installed state-of-the-art equipment to establish a high-quality, high-efficiency production line. We respond to the diverse needs of clients with flexibility.

Global Competitiveness

We continue to expand our production locations throughout the world in order to establish a supply system on a global scale, so that we can challenge the world-wide market in a substantial speed.

Power of Associates

We are convinced that when the passion for monozukuri (or design and manufacturing) turns to focus also on future goal, we are sure that it brings about the gigantic driving force to move forward the business activities more strongly than any motivated power. We never give up, and always keep striving to reach ever-higher goal. F-TECH group challenging spirit, maintained from its establishment which goes “Never give up, and keep challenging the ever-higher goal”, is an evolving driving force to step forward in a new business field.